This site is dedicated to the Buick Riviera 1971-72-73

We will center around The Registry of one of the most Dramatic designs Buick ever put into production.

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Congratulations to Our 2016 Boattail of the Year Winner - Danny
- see Danny's Public Boattail Registry Pages

We hold an On-line Boattail Show the 2nd weekend of each month,
the next will be
Noon Friday 7th of July until
9pm Sunday July 9th.
- Atlantic Daylight Savings Time -
- This show determines the Boattail of the Month -
Come show your Riviera - see, comment and chat with the owners - and LIKE your favorites to determine the winner

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Our 2017 Boattail Calendar
Featuring each of the 2016 Monthly winners
can be downloaded here
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Congratulations to June Boattail of the Month Winner - Danny
- See Danny's Public Registry Page

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